Stop Baby Momma Drama!

​​""A step-parent is so more than a just a parent, they made the choice to Love when they didnt
have to"
"Biology is the least of what makes a good mother"
Defeat your Baby Momma Drama, once and for all! with on easy move. Use these stpes and get help! 

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Get to know me and what I am about! Join this movemnt spread the word. I have walked in your shoes, I have been through lot dealing with Baby Momma Drama, and I want to help you get through yours.

Your Guide 

This is your Baby Momma Drama Guide, with a 10 step on how to through it!

A little bit of my background...
  • Bachelors of Arts in Clinincal Psychology
  • Graduate studies
  • Counseling experience
  • Life Coach
  • 11 years Happily in Love
  • Stepmother/Wife/ Mom/Daughter
  • Author
  • Motivational Speaker
  • ​I'm Also a Ordained Minister

I like to think of myself as a special person, I feel I was put on this earth for this reason exactly.  So many things have made sense in my life to why I believe why I am here, and I feel this was it. When I was young I swore I would never be with a man with kids. I always wanted to be the first. I stuck strong by this, until my college years. I met someone that was everything I wanted in a man! But his situation wasn't. Through my BMD, I have learned so much, and I have met so many people with the same struggle.  I have heard so many stories and one thing we  all have in common is our STRENGTH!! This life is a hard life to live and I figured I would make things easier by providing you with a guide. With every person and situation that I encountered I figured out all the formulas to making it work! And I want to share them with you. With all my knowledge over the years and notes taken. I collaborated everything into a book! This will be your

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11 years experience